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The Millionaire Mine galaxy model encompasses one corporate brand and five sub-brands, positioned for long-term success within the channels of cosmetics, haute cuisine, luxury brand management, garment care, and music publishing.

​We are a luxury asset group committed to creativity, innovation and the pursuit of uncompromising, meticulous standards of uniqueness that serves as a model for future progress.

Our corporate architecture is supported by a firm emphasis​ on individuality and distinct character of its respective subdivisions. We create intelligent synergies within our brands, leading to a combined strength that leverages Millionaire Mine as a whole.

Our guiding principles reflect the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and respect. We take an eco-conscious approach to the development of our production processes, improving our behavioral systems and minimizing our footprint from formulas we create to the products we produce.


The main competitive advantage of Millionaire Mine is the charismatic centralized figure of its Founder, Amun-Ra Amani.


The independence of every brand within the group is fundamental to Millionaire Mine's overall growth strategy. Each subsidiary focuses on increasing awareness and desirability by developing creative products and appropriate marketing programes. 

Our key strategic priorities are to continually cultivate an efficient operating model while streamlining a seamless, exciting omnichannel and in-store experience for our guests. We seek to maintain a capital structure that achieves sustainable sales growth by utilizing efficient expense managment, inventory procedures and strengthening the company's profitability by improving operating margins to achieve long term cash flow objectives.


A mobile breakfast and boutique style cafe, deeply connected to the essence of the Belgian Waffle. Subtle notes of rose, orange and lavender compliment each individual offering, serving as a melting point between savory essential oils and comforting hot chocolate. Our philosophy is built on original classic, contemporary recipes, quality ingredients and exemplary service.

Scientifically formulated to combine the power of ancient African traditions with the wonders of modern technology, Lluor’s unique body care formulations brings together rich, revitalizing nut butters and plant botanicals to further enhance and accentuate the beauty of darker skin tones. Each product is specifically designed for melanin preservation and refinement of the female shape and silhouette. 

Songh Dynasty records is an independent recording company and music licensing platform dedicated to releasing quality, creative projects with an emphasis on sonic brilliance, audio integrity and achieving the ultimate sound.

A 5-Diamond hospitality training workshop and educational series based on the desires of high net worth clientele in the luxury sector. Ambiance programs focus on guest service, leadership, business etiquette and developing high performance teams, for the next generation of elite brand ambassadors.

Sustainable luxury garment care products with eco-friendly ingredients, naturally derived and biodegradable for a better planet. Canary Diamond Detergent and Clothing Mist are highly concentrated, environmentally sound formulas, that are laboratory tested and proven to soften, whiten, brighten, deodorize, eliminate bacteria and prevent the transfer of dyes between clothes, in both cold and hot water temperatures.

We are a luxury asset group committed to creativity, innovation and the pursuit of uncompromising, meticulous standards of uniqueness that serves as a model for future progress.